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Levao Standard PVC S Mat - Anti-Slip Mat. 5mm/6mm

Non-Slip Mat

Levao Standard PVC S Mat - Anti-Slip Mat. 5mm/6mm

Introducing the Levao PVC Anti-Slip S Mat, designed and manufactured by Xiamen Levao Houseware Co., Ltd. This innovative mat features a 5mm to 8mm thickness, making it durable and long-lasting. The new PVC material used in its construction ensures a high level of quality and comfort. The anti-slip design provides safety and security, making it suitable for a variety of environments. Additionally, this mat is washable, making it easy to clean and maintain. Whether used in the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor areas, the Levao PVC Anti-Slip S Mat is the perfect solution for preventing slips and falls. With its combination of functionality and comfort, this mat is a must-have for any household or commercial space

  • ITEM Standard S mat
  • Color Red,Grey,Black, Green,Orange, Customized
  • Customize Yes
  • MOQ 50rolls for each color
  • Lead Time 1 40HQ container around 5days
  • Packing PP Bag/ Box / Both ends of marks and paper tape inside
  • Place of Origin We have two paoduction bases, one in ShanDong and the other in Fujian
  • Port Fob Xiamen/Shandong
  • Thickness 5mm/6mm
  • weight 2.7kgs/3.2kgs
  • Size 1.2m*9m. 1.2m*12m. 1.2m*15m


Introducing our high quality PVC Standard S mat, a durable and reliable flooring solution designed to meet your specific needs. Available in thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 8mm, the pad offers the perfect balance of comfort and support, making it ideal for a variety of applications.
Our Standard S pads are crafted to never break, ensuring long-lasting performance and customer peace of mind. The high-quality PVC material used in its construction guarantees excellent durability, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. Whether you require a custom color or a specific thickness of 5mm or 6mm, our products can be tailored to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.
In addition to durability, our standard S mats feature anti-slip properties, providing a safe and secure surface for walking and standing on. This feature is especially important in environments where security is a top priority. Additionally, the mat is designed to be easy to clean, saving you maintenance time and effort while maintaining its original appearance.
Our standard S pads not only offer practical benefits but also prioritize comfort. Its cushioned surface provides a comfortable standing experience, reducing fatigue and stress even during prolonged use. This makes it an excellent choice for areas where people stand for long periods of time.
In summary, our PVC Standard S mat is a high quality, customizable, versatile flooring solution that combines durability, comfort and safety. Whether you need reliable mats for your home, office, or commercial space, our products are designed to exceed your expectations. We are committed to providing detailed product information and ensuring our customers have the best experience.


1. Relieve fatigue, feel comfortable and beautiful, durable
2. Chemical corrosion resistance, no need sticker
3. Anti-skidding, avoid fall down and safety
4. Polyethylene wire rubber with brushm wire thicknessm can effectively scrape sand
5. Easy to clean, and easy to dry
6. The surface of the ring is good and good elasticity


1. Our floor mats are crafted from high-quality PVC material, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting colors that resist fading. They feature a unique full-load ductile spinneret structure that effectively scrapes mud, making them abrasion resistant and offering anti-mildew and antibacterial properties.
2. Ideal for use in indoor, outdoor, wet, and industrial work environments
3. Resistant to water, slip, dirt, and oil, providing a safe and protective cover.
4. The PVC mat can be tailored to your specific requirements in terms of shape, thickness, and size. It can be used for various purposes such as kitchen mats, signage mats, outdoor floor mats, and industrial mats. These mats find wide applications in garages, supermarkets, commercial spaces, factories, parking areas, playgrounds, kindergartens, and other similar settings.


**Q: What is the thickness of PVC S pad?  **
A: PVC S pads are available in two thicknesses: 5mm and 6mm.
**Q: How much do 5mm and 6mm PVC S pads weigh?  **
Answer: The 5mm PVC S pad weighs approximately 2.7 kg, while the 6mm PVC S pad weighs approximately 3.2 kg.
**Q: Where is PVC S Mat suitable for use?  **
Answer: PVC S floor mats are designed to be non-slip and suitable for use in various public places. They are ideal for areas with high traffic such as shopping malls, airports, and public transportation facilities.

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