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8MM/10mm Thick S mat PVC Anti-Slip Mat for High-Traffic Areas

Non-Slip Mat

8MM/10mm Thick S mat PVC Anti-Slip Mat for High-Traffic Areas

Introducing the high-quality, thick S mat by Xiamen Levao Houseware Co., Ltd. This specially designed mat is made using anti-slip materials, making it perfect for wet areas such as locker rooms, swimming pools, industrial grounds, and catering kitchen work areas. The mat provides a comfortable stepping experience, effectively prevents outdoor sand sediment and dirt, and is easy to clean and quick drying. With a certain flame retardant effect, the mat is also antibacterial and guaranteed never to break, ensuring longevity and absolute quality. Trust Xiamen Levao Houseware Co., Ltd. for a durable, reliable, and high-performing S mat that meets all your needs in wet areas

  • Item High Thick S Mat / PVC Anti-slip S Mat
  • Color Red,Grey,Black, Green,Orange, Customized
  • Customize Yes
  • MOQ 50rolls for each color
  • Lead Time 1 40HQ container around 5days
  • Packing PP Bag/ Box / Both ends of marks and paper tape inside
  • Payment T/T, L/C
  • Place of Origin We have two paoduction bases, one in ShanDong and the other in Fujian
  • Port Fob Xiamen/Shandong
  • Thickness 8mm/10mm
  • Size 1.2m*9m. 1.2m*12m. 1.2m*15m


Introducing the latest innovation in floor mat technology - Levao's PVC mat. With a thickness of up to 10mm, this non-slip mat is designed to provide unparalleled support and safety in any environment. Made from high-quality PVC S mat material, it is not only durable but also tear-resistant, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. This best-selling product quickly became popular for its superior performance and reliability, setting a new standard in the industry.

Levao is a well-known manufacturer of PVC floor mats that has been at the forefront of innovation since its founding in 1996. The company has a long history of providing quality coil floor mats and anti-slip mats, earning it a reputation for excellence. In 2006, Levao's products were honored to be designated for the prestigious G20 Summit, a testament to the company's commitment to delivering quality products. As a subsidiary of Hong'an Group, an industry-leading brand, Levao continues to expand its product lines and set new standards for quality and performance.

Levao's PVC mats have an impressive range of features that set them apart from traditional floor mats. At up to 10mm thick, it provides excellent cushioning and support, making it ideal for standing desks, kitchens, workshops and more. The non-slip surface ensures stability and safety, even in wet or slippery conditions, while the PVC S pad material is highly tear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability. Whether used in residential, commercial or industrial settings, this non-slip mat delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

In summary, Levao's PVC mats represent a new era in floor mat technology, combining high thickness, anti-slip properties and exceptional durability. Levao continues to lead the industry with a proven track record and commitment to innovation. Experience the PVC matting difference and see why it has become the first choice for customers looking for reliable, long-lasting and high-performance matting solutions.


High thick S mat using special anti-slip materials and techniques, the range of products used can be applied to wet area such as locker rooms, swimming pools, industrial grounds or catering kitchen work areas.
The product is comfortable for stepping on , effectively prevents outdoor sands sediment and dirt, and is easy to clean, quick drying, and has a certain flame retardant effect also antibacterial, never broken, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed.


1.The floor mat are use high-quality PVC material, the floor mat color is bright and durable, not easy to fade. Unique full-load ductile spinneret structure, scraping mud, abrasion resistant, anti-mildew antibacterial.
2. Perfect for the whole indoor / outdoor / wet / day industry working place.
3. Water-proof; anti-slip; extra dirt-proof; ultra oil-proof; safe cover.
4.The pvc mat can be customized according to your needs in different shape, thickness and size . Such as kitchen mats, sign mats, outdoor floor mats, industry mats, etc. It is widely used in garage, supermarket, commerce, factories, parking place, playgrounds, kindergartens and other places.


1. What is PVC S mat?
PVC S Mat is a flooring material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) designed to provide a durable and non-slip surface for a variety of applications.

2. What is the thickness of PVC S pad?
PVC S mats are typically available in thicknesses of 5mm,6mm, 8mm to 10mm, providing a strong and resilient base for use in high traffic areas.

3. What makes PVC S mats super non-slip?
PVC S mats are designed with a special anti-slip surface for enhanced traction and grip, making them ideal for environments where slip resistance is critical, such as commercial kitchens, gyms and industrial environments.

4. what is the advantage of your S mat
Our product can meet euro standard, use environment material

5. Where can PVC S mat be used?
PVC S matting is suitable for a wide range of applications including fitness centers, sports facilities, garages, workshops and other areas requiring a durable non-slip flooring solution. Its versatility and performance make it a popular choice for residential and commercial use.

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