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Jacquard floor mat (Jacquard Carpet with PVC Backing) - levaofloormat

Non-Slip Mat

Jacquard floor mat (Jacquard Carpet with PVC Backing) - levaofloormat

PVC Jacquard Carpet Mat



    Jacquard floor mats are one of the more popular door mats. Due to its thickness and texture, it is loved by customers and is in high demand in the market. Generally used as outdoor doormats or hotel doormats, and some are used as office or airport mats in large areas. Roll materials are required for paving. The main materials are TPR/TPE/PVC base. The thickness of the surface layer can be customized, as well as the pattern and color, so this is the reason why it has been so durable. enter the market.

    Customized Wholesale 100% Polyester PVC Seven Stripe Floor Door Mat.



    1. Cleaning: It can help remove sand and dust from the soles of shoes before entering the door.
    2. Prevent Slipping: When there is water on the soles of shoes, it helps remove some of the water.
    3. Comfortable: soft surface and foam backing make it comfortable to step on.



    Name Customized Pattern Jacquard Door mat
    Style Customized Pattern
    Material Type Polyester fibre + PVC backing
    Roll size 1m x 15m;  2m x 10m per roll & Customized Color
    Colors Brown, Beige,Red stripes & Customized Pattern



    Jacquard floor mat rolls have become a popular choice for a variety of applications, from home decor to commercial flooring. These mats are made using a special weaving technique that creates intricate and detailed patterns, making them a versatile and visually appealing option for many different settings. Jacquard doilies are expected to continue to be popular. One of the key drivers of this growth is the growing demand for custom flooring solutions. Jacquard mat rolls can be customized to meet the specific needs of different spaces, whether it's a commercial building, hotel lobby or residence.

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