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Custom PVC Coil Pet Mats,PVC Coil Pet Mats Manufacturers

Door Mat

Custom PVC Coil Pet Mats,PVC Coil Pet Mats Manufacturers

Introducing our Coil Litter Box Pet Mat - Revolutionize your pet's litter experience!



    Upgrade your pet's litter space with our innovative Coil litter box pet mats - a game changer in pet care. Designed with pet comfort and cleaning convenience in mind, this mat features a unique coil design to create a clean, comfortable and stylish environment for your furry friend.



    1.Coil comfort technology:
    Coil Litter Box Pet Pads feature a specially designed coil pattern to provide a soft, comfortable surface for your pet's delicate paws. Say goodbye to uncomfortable litter residue and hello to a luxurious litter experience.
    2.Clutter-free litter box:
    The coils in the mat act as an effective barrier, capturing and containing stray litter particles that often find their way outside the bin. Keep floors clean and free of loose debris, reducing the need for frequent sweeping and vacuuming.
    3.Waterproof and easy to clean:
    Designed for easy maintenance, our pet mats are water and moisture resistant, ensuring quick and easy cleaning. Simply shake off excess and rinse the pad with water or wipe for a deeper clean. Keeping your trash area tidy has never been easier.
    4.Durable and long-lasting:
    The Coil Litter Box Pet Mat is made from durable materials to withstand daily use, ensuring a long life. Invest in a mat that can withstand the rigors of your pet's daily litter and provide reliable performance over time.
    5.Stylish and versatile:
    Our pet mats are not only practical, they also add a touch of style to your pet's space. The stylish coil design is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose a mat that complements your home décor while prioritizing functionality.



    Item PVC Pet Flooring Door Mat
    Custom Pattern Yes
    Size 40*60, 50*70, 60*80 or Customized
    Thickness 8mm,10mm
    MOQ 1 pcs if we have stock
    Leading time 5 days after receiving down payment
    Packing Carton or Woven bag
    Payment T/T,L/C
    Place of Origin We have two production bases, one in ShanDong and other in Fujian
    Port Fob Xiamen/ Shandong
    Daily Production 6000 Square Meters



    1.COMFORTABLE DESIGN: The soft and supportive surface ensures your pet is comfortable during the elimination process.
    2.Clutter-free living: Say goodbye to loose trash with mats that effectively contain and capture stray particles.
    3.EASY MAINTENANCE: Simplify your cleaning routine with waterproof pads that easily shake off or rinse clean.
    4.DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Buy a durable pet pad that delivers reliable performance day after day.
    5. Stylish addition: Enhance your pet's space with a mat that's not only practical, but also adds a touch of style to your home.

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