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No Foam S Type PVC Anti Slip Mat

Non-Slip Mat

No Foam S Type PVC Anti Slip Mat

S Type PVC Anti Slip Mat Waterproof Heavy Duty Plastic Matting 5 MM Thickness

  • ITEM Non-Silp Mat
  • Color Red, Green, Grey, Black,Beige, Brown,Blue,etc
  • Weight 3.5kg/SQM
  • Customize Yes
  • Using Place Garage, hangar, patio, showroom, event floor and more
  • Lead Time 1 40HQ container around 5days
  • Packing Each roll packed with inner pp bag and outer white woven bag
  • Place of Origin We have two paoduction bases, one in ShanDong and the other in Fujian
  • Port Fob Xiamen/Shandong
  • Thickness 4mm-4.5mm
  • Size 1.2m*15m


No Foam S Mat is a premium drainage mat crafted from high-quality PVC material, named after its distinctive S-shaped design matrix. Available in black, blue, and gray, these mats are engineered to provide exceptional traction in wet areas and efficiently drain away excess liquids. They are ideal for use as kitchen runners in the food service industry or as anti-slip matting in locker rooms or carwash facilities.
S-Shaped Drainage Pattern: Visually striking, these runner mats feature a body composed of numerous holes arranged in a continuous S-shaped pattern. These holes effectively drain away unwanted contaminants such as water, dirt, sand, and grime, making them perfect for commercial and industrial areas prone to liquid spills. In restaurant kitchens, for example, the drainage capability ensures a safer environment for chefs and waitstaff by channeling hazardous liquids away from the surface.
Anti-Slip Matting: Beyond their drainage capabilities, No Foam S Mats enhance safety through their surface pattern. The S-shaped designs add significant traction, reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents in busy areas. These mats provide a secure footing, making them indispensable for high-traffic walkways.
Durable vs Oil/Grease: Made from robust PVC, No Foam S Mats are resistant to oils and greases, substances that can be corrosive to many materials. PVC’s chemical stability makes these mats suitable for demanding commercial and industrial settings. The drainage feature also helps filter oils and greases away from the surface, mitigating potential hazards and ensuring a safer environment.


Superior Traction: The S-shaped drainage pattern and textured surface provide exceptional grip, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls.
Efficient Liquid Drainage: The numerous holes in the S-shaped design quickly channel away water, dirt, and other contaminants, maintaining a clean and dry surface.
Chemical Resistance: PVC construction ensures durability against oils, greases, and other harsh substances, extending the mat’s lifespan in demanding environments.
Versatility: Suitable for various settings, including kitchens, locker rooms, and carwash facilities, thanks to its high-quality design and material.
Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean by shaking off debris or hosing down, with an antimicrobial coating to prevent mold and odors.


Q1: How do No Foam S Mats enhance safety in wet areas?
A1: The S-shaped design and textured surface provide excellent traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls by efficiently draining away excess liquids.
Q2: Are these mats resistant to oils and greases?
A2: Yes, the PVC construction makes No Foam S Mats highly resistant to oils and greases, ensuring long-lasting durability and maintaining a safe surface.
Q3: How should I clean and maintain my No Foam S Mat?
A3: Cleaning is simple – just shake off any debris or hose down the mat as needed. The antimicrobial coating helps prevent mold and odors, keeping the mat hygienic and fresh.

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